Saturday, March 07, 2009

L10n Tool for RPG Maker

So much for a public life. I usually keep my projects for myself. Let's face it, I am a secretive person. Nevertheless, I have decided to present some pieces of an ongoing project for your own displeasure.

The motivation behind this project is to provide localization (a.k.a. L10n) facilities in order to deliver a multilingual, or at least localized version of, any game produced with RPG Maker VX. This project has to seamlessly integrate a translation process and yet without any major changes in an implementation of a product based on RPG Maker. Therefore, L10n Tool for RPG Maker is the way to go.

  • Import and Export RPG Maker Texts and Dialogues
  • Smart Extraction and Representation
  • Support standard gettext PO and POT file formats
  • PoEdit-based translation process
L10n Tool for RPG Maker is available in different editions according to the purpose of their target audience. These editions are shipped with the standard product.

Master Edition
This edition provides complete support for releasing a localized version of an RPG Maker based product. This includes, without limiting to, importing and exporting data and prepackaging localized products.

Translator Edition
This edition provides import features and Strings database support, allowing translators to fill in and test with ease their translation. It truly allows translators to test their translation live and without having to deal with the hassles of RPG Maker.

Release Edition
This edition provides runtime facilities in order to support in-code strings localization. A small script is inserted in your product to be able to retrieve translated data from Strings database, a customly built database. This is the only feature exposed to the end-users.

Effective Translation Process
The translation process is greatly improved by extracting and annotating data from RPG Maker databases (smart extraction and representation) and, then, use the outcome in an organized manner with a specialized Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) software. PoEdit is a CAT software providing a seamless translation workflow with a Translation Memory (TM). Translators can create reusable building blocks for their translation as they translate with the help of PoEdit's TM. The Translation Memory then suggest nearby or exact matches on untranslated sentences, marked to be reviewed by the translator. It is also possible to run a spell checker, which you definitively cannot do within RPG Maker. This will save tremendous amount of time and yet provide an ultimate quality translation. Bigger, faster, better.

Currently supports RPG Maker VX.
Possibility to support RPG Maker XP.

Disclaimer: L10n Tool for RPG Maker does not include an RPG Maker license; you have to buy your own copy. There is no official name for this product, it is however affectionately called L10nTool. Nothing to do with Enterbrain in any way at all. No affiliation to PoEdit whatsoever.

BlossomSoft is using L10n Tool for RPG Maker on their current hot title Eternal Eden [demo|buy]. Buy their game. =)

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