Saturday, April 25, 2009

L10n Tool for RPG Maker is Coming Soon

Have a look at the latest brochure on L10nTool.


  1. It's looking great BackOrder.

  2. Thanks for your feedback earlier, Elder. Very much appreciated.

    Those who are registered to Scribd can download full size, full resolution PDF document. Otherwise, contact me and I shall send you the document myself.

  3. Is there any release date (approximately)?:) And is there any way to speed up the completion?

  4. Hello, Anonymous! Have we met some time ago? Your nickname sounds familiar. =)

    I am currently training a new staff member, who has recently joined my software design team. He is making his bones on L10nTool. Release is planned within 1-2 months time. It could be faster or slower depending on my new intern.

    Remember, the software will meet the world when and only when it meets my standard.

    The best way to speed up things is commercial demand by indie developers. It would be possible to assign more staff on the project provided that the commercial demand increases. If you're an indie developer, contact me at my email address on the brochure.

    Care to share a little bit about your ongoing projects?

  5. BackOrder, you might want to join the discussion there and introduce L10n tool, they are slightly tackling the subject of translation:

    I feel that this game will be successful too.

  6. Elder, thanks for the pointer. I'd be glad to participate to the thread if L10nTool comes up in the conversation. However, it's better when regular users (are you one on this board?) talk about such things.

    You probably understand how complex our world has become with spamming and self advertisement. I am always trying to be respectful.

  7. Sadly I'm not member of this forum too, and I am not a close friend of the creator of this game, but I will drop a word about your tool once I see the opportunity.

  8. It's great to see more and more indie developers using RPG Maker. Shall you also take note that I am actually building a list of potential customers in regard to my RGSS related projects. I shall contact them at the appropriate moment. Don't hesitate if you know any other indie developers in need. Thanks. =)

  9. Well, sorry for being anonymous...I'm not exactly indie developer, just starting to play every now and then with rpg maker(and things to do with it) as a hobby, though I'm busy now and don't have that much time for it.

    But your project really caught my interest, so I just wanted to know if it's live. And I think that posting about your project somewhere ain't spam, I would consider it helpful for every1, who wouldn't want to have his project translated? It sells xD

    By the way it is all being done in RGSS?

  10. L10nTool does not depend on nor use RGSS. It relies at best on its data structures. In a nutshell, we're not using RPG Maker at all.

    The project might be interesting for many but forums admins tend to be less forgiving for self publicity. Especially for newly registered members. If you feel the project worths some words on your favourite forums, go ahead. I even participate to such threads once in a while.

    Furthermore, I am interested to discuss as much with commercial developers as non-commercial ones. Let's just say that when I write "flexible licensing scheme", I really mean it.