Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A New Member Has Joined Forces

My software design team has the pleasure to welcome its new member and join forces to deliver high-quality products. Pavel is from Saint-Petersburg, Russia and will fulfill an intership and then a junior position within my team. He is a young, vibrant, passionate and skilled programmer.

Pavel will be working on L10nTool as his first assignment. He shall work on the completion of the existing code, tests and documentation. He will then be entitled to add new features such as RPG Maker XP support.

Let's have a warm welcome for Pavel...


  1. that's a wonderful news :)
    hurray to your vibrant team!

  2. And Pavel has already begun his training. He seems to catch along the new concepts. We'll see how fast he is ready for the hard core work. :)

  3. hi guyz

    and good luck with your plans for RPG maker
    I hope you don't mind me stalking around :P

    I hope the link below will help you - it's the rgss in all .rb files (and just a few others in the eclipse folder):

    imo it's rgss and not rgss2, i hope I'm wrong cause some of the files are updated a few weeks ago... most of them are 3 years old tho >.>

    btw very interesting blog, I leaned quite a few things two hours ago... things that motivated me to search the webz for good rgss tutorials
    the search resulted in finding the rgss lol

    PS if you think it's immoral(or to share that url or it doesn't help feel free to delete that comment

  4. Hello jammit! I am delighted to have more people writing here. Don't be timid. It's all right to post URLs. Just try to stay safe for work. ;)

    There are few efforts to replicate RGSS framework as a replacement for an RGSS Player. However, none of them is actually serious. There is much work to reach a certain level of maturity and their approach is different from what I have in mind.

    RGSS-lib is unlikely to be able to deliver the required raw power, let alone match speed and efficiency of the current Enterbrain's implementation.

    DMK Megazord strives to deliver 3D features over RPG Maker XP. There is an effort to create a Game.exe replacement as well. Unfortunately, I am afraid that their vision is too large for their available resources. To summarize their efforts on an RGSS Player, I quote: "One year ago, I spent 3 days in order to run a RMXP game on RUDL."

    I have a completely different approach, not only technically but also as a strategy.

    We are trying to build our knowledge and foundations as building blocks, pretty much like Legos. Thus, L10nTool is just one step closer to an RGSS player. Other projects will also help us to make the step to implement such concept closer and more realistic (than starting from scratch).

    It is also to be believed that the effort won't get done by itself and it requires a little push from the industry. Thus, I am trying to get in touch with existing indie developers who use RPG Maker and see with them if we cannot get into an agreement.

    My vision is clear in such way that I would like to deliver tools to empower indie developers and serious hobbyists, and, hopefully, closing the gap between the hobby and sell games. The other hobbyists and gamers are likely to benefit from such efforts.

    We will see how it turns out. Let's try at first to spread the word...

    Tell us about your plans, jammit. What are you up to with RPG Maker? :)

  5. I'm glad you're around too jammit :)

    All these news look very exciting. I have already shared this blog with some other developers.

  6. Thanks, Elder! Don't be shy to post your blog URL here as well. :)

  7. sorry that I couldn't reply earlier

    well, I just have this desire for making a game
    and RPG maker is a good tool but I got annoyed too fast by some limitations, found this blog while looking for RGSS resources and have to say you really have a very thorough approach that sounds like its going somewhere

    can't help much as I don't have any programming background, I'm tackling with the RGSS's possibilities now but it's even more annoying that we can't extend it with ruby gems and such

    so it's very nice to see there are people who try to get it improved in some way

    I saw that effort to make RPG maker 3d - DMK was it; it seems they are just building the world from blocks, rather than pure 2d. I bet after that the'd try to get out the blockish look but it's gonna take a while and on of the developers as he said is using ilke 3 or 4 instances of the maker running to do that which is probably too non-user friendly for more than a selected enthusiast that are developing it

  8. Let's say that I do not know much about DMK. I have looked over their French forums and read the overview. It's an interesting effort but it feels really limited. There are doubts about whether the software can go beyond the blocks look-and-feel.

    They have missed a key concept from RPG Maker: it focuses on what's possible with the chosen technology and target the creation of retro RPG games. RPG Maker is a round software in that respect.

    I suggest you to hang around my blog since I plan to have more RGSS related posts. It might be considerably more advanced than what you can handle right now but I am sure that it can inspire you in many ways.

    Good luck with your project(s). Keep us posted! :)