Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Oh, dear. Let's not forget about the famous RGSS script named SDK (Standard Development Kit). Either some tasteless humour or pure ignorance from the authors of the script. RPG Maker designers, please, just keep in mind that SDK is not SDK. Or, well, Software Development Kit related here is fundamentally different from the so-called Standard Development Kit. That must be April's Fool for them but on a yearly basis.


  1. I won’t disagree with your previous article, I was too disappointed with the huge lack of flexibility with RPGMaker in the scripting area.

    Now come on, every designer like me is waiting for you to create an incredible RPG Maker tool. :)

  2. I criticize a lot in general but never in vain. Besides, it's important to recognize one's strengths. RPG Maker VX and XP have many strong features well suitable for game designers. It's just a shock that they never really paid extra attention to the scripting area. They do not even support a plug-in system to allow users to bring additions to RPG Maker itself; to provide more features to the designers (not necessarily the RGSS engine but rather the creation [GUI] engine).

    The feeling remains as such they do not really consider commercial customers for their products. Yet, it's perfect for hobbyists. They're not so far from commercial usage if only we consider the few but emerging companies developing games with RPG Maker.

    A positive note is to be brought to your attention. The popularity of my blog mostly lie on RPG Maker, RGSS, etc. That's what google analytics tell me anyway. Perhaps the future of SDK for RPG Maker, RGSS Player for MacOS X (or other platforms), and so forth, are not so far fetched.

    I recommend to people interested in the topics to voice their opinion on this lovely and sensible comment system.