Saturday, April 18, 2009

RGSS Player : A View on Its Product Perspective

[The] world of Indie Developers would greatly benefit from the implementation of a RGSS Player for MacOS X. Expanding their market to an entire new popular platform is without a doubt an enchanting idea. Following up on a series of articles written here, we shall pass the immediate and obvious questions to focus on what an Indie Developer would get from licensing a RGSS Player for MacOS X.
  • RGSS Player for MacOS X
  • Deployment User-Modifiable Script
  • Porting Games Developer Manual
  • One-Year Free Updates and Bug Fixes
  • One-Year Limited Developer Support
  • Flexible Licensing Scheme
Also, Indie Developers can benefit from additional services:

Porting and Further Technical Assistance
Porting RPG Maker VX/XP games from Windows to MacOS X is a simple and straightforward process. Nevertheless, let's face it, some games might be harder than others to port. A game extensively relying on Win32, Win32OLE, and any other OS-centric API will require to port those parts of the code to Cocoa. Some Indie Developers might have a very ecletic and unusual deployment scenario. Take your pick. The extended assistance is all about going the extra mile for a subscribed Indie Developer.

Porting Games For Developers
Some Indie Developers have no experience porting to MacOS X nor own Apple computers and might be interested to have their games ported by us. We can painlessly port any games from/to Windows and MacOS X.

Non-Profit, Non-Commercial Games License
We are currently evaluating the possibility to allow passionate developers to get their free games on MacOS X. There are plenty of existing RPG Maker VX/XP games that would also benefit from being available on another platform. Games made by developers who do not aim commercial activities. We are interested to hear about you as well.

Something is missing? Different expectations?
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  1. The ideas proposed inside this article already show a powerful prospect on what could prove to be a genuine solution for both developers and gamers. I hope this can become true.

  2. This would turn to be a wonderful dream to have your games on MacOS X. The emerging success of Eternal Eden would undoubtedly share the same enthusiasm from Mac fans.

  3. Damn this has gotta be made

  4. We never know where wind is gonna blow. Generally speaking, however, our technologies and knowledge continuously improve and they are to become the foundation of such project as RGSS Player.

  5. Hi, im made a game in RPG Maker VX, is near 60 or 70% complete.

    Im want to know how to port to OSX, and if you port, the cost.

    The port is PPC/Intel or only Intel?

    my email is