Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Shop Around The Corner

I was blessed with an Apple Authorized Reseller on my door step during my childhood. The feeling of walking around in the store was no less than ecstatic. I was dreaming of something different than a PC, different from the DOS world, different from the overly ridiculous Windows 3.11. Something hardly affordable to the young lad that I was...

The store owner always been nice to us despite we would probably never buy a PowerPC on our own. Oh, boy! We must have been annoying. He was also doing programming on MacOS and would show me the cool things he did. He often had stories about the Mac Universe that was making us dreaming even more.

This is how I have been introduced to Mac. And I have fond memories.

"Hello, Mac Community!", especially Inside Mac Games fellows.

Thanks to Cobra Blade for writing a little bit about my project: RGSS Player for MacOS X.


  1. No need to thank me for the mention, the Mac community will benefit greatly from your project.

    RPG Maker has long been the favourite game creation tool of so many people because it simply is the easiest game creator ever. I know that any past RPG Maker user who decides to switch over to Mac must miss it so this is doing them all a big favour. Plus providing PC users and extra platform to release their game on you really are helping a lot of people.

  2. You're right to say that RPG Maker is a favourite among game creation tools. And people are dying to have something similar on MacOS X.

    The great advantage for an indie developer like you is that your games would be systematically and effortlessly available on MacOS X and Windows. That would seriously expand your fan base.