Friday, May 15, 2009

Internship Report: First Month

This is the true story of a journey taken by a young country boy from Saint-Petersburg. His quest to become a great warrior has just started a month ago and it's not without pain nor without difficulties. Countless hours of daily training are to become the foundations of a veritable warrior.

The daily training routine includes warming up and exercises. Each new day begins and ends with reading and updating notes and reviewing comments related to previously or ongoing assignments. Taking notes is encouraged on a periodical basis and at any moment as deemed necessary. Pavel has written more than 90 pages of notes during his first month.

Pavel is self-taught and has no prior formal education in computer science. No big deal when talent and hard work kick in. He has probably written few thousands lines of code during the course of his internship but eventually barely few hundreds made it to the core application. A young warrior never gives up upon repeated failures.

The apprentice has to learn the fundamentals of software engineering in every aspect. He has been restlessly working under my mentorship but never hesitated to read more about various subjects given to him.

Old Habits Die Hard

The first phases of a learning process can be afflictive and every day turns out to be a struggle with one's own mind. The old adage “Old Habits Die Hard” cannot be more true. The real downside of the first month of Pavel's internship is all about old habits coming back over and over. The internal struggle makes it painful to move forward and it's necessary to go repeatedly over the newly acquired knowledge until it's fully mastered.

How hard is it to work within a Software Design team?

You would have to ask Pavel. It's extremely demanding in term of creativity, knowledge, adaptivity, discipline, being able to work under extreme pressure and overly exacting quality standards.

Consequently, Pavel has managed to complete less than few assignments. Sporadically. Pavel is currently working on L10nTool and, its related projects, Onion and Deployment User-Modifiable Script.

coming up next month
Let's see how much this young mind has soaked in...

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

ScriptManager for RPG Maker

ScriptManager is a tool part of an SDK for RPG Maker, which empowers indie developers with the ability to manipulate RPG Maker scripts databases using command line interface. The utility is in design (planning phase) and should provide the following commands:

Duplicate a script within an RGSS{1, 2} scripts database. A script can be copied using either its script name or identification number. It accepts an optional parameter to define a new copy name.
Delete a script within an RGSS{1, 2} scripts database. A script can be deleted using either its script name or identification number.
Export one or more scripts from an RGSS{1, 2} scripts database into Ruby source code file(s). A script can be exported using either its script name or identification number.
RubyGem interface to RGSS{1, 2} scripts database. It can install, uninstall, list and update RubyGems and its dependencies into an RGSS{1, 2} scripts database.
Provide help for individual commands.
Import one or more Ruby source code files into an RGSS{1, 2} scripts database. A script name can be defined using an optional parameter.
Rename a script within an RGSS{1, 2} scripts database. A script can be renamed using either its script name or identification number.
List scripts from an RGSS{1, 2} script database. List displays identification number, script name, sanitized filename, script size. The output can optionally be sorted or unsorted.
Show generated meta data related to an RGSS{1, 2} scripts database. Meta data from a specific script can be shown using either its script name or identification number.
Show the version of the program.

Something is missing
? Different expectations?

Write a comment and tell us more about what you think.

Monday, May 04, 2009

What's Cooking?

Cooking is a hobby of mine. Not that I have much time for hobbies. Nevertheless, my interest in cooking came up by an unanticipated coincidence. And, let's be honest, I like tasty food.

The challenge is to cook an exciting, vibrant and delicious meal for 7 or 8 guests for an upcoming birthday party. I am currently bouncing ideas for a menu and it reads so far as follow:

gazpacho soup
citrus grilled lobster salad

main course
duck breast with green olives and/or black cherries sauce
accompanied with rocket and Parmesan salad

dough softly poached in maple syrup
and served on warm hazelnuts,
covered with warm maple syrup,
and topped with a leaf of mint