Monday, May 04, 2009

What's Cooking?

Cooking is a hobby of mine. Not that I have much time for hobbies. Nevertheless, my interest in cooking came up by an unanticipated coincidence. And, let's be honest, I like tasty food.

The challenge is to cook an exciting, vibrant and delicious meal for 7 or 8 guests for an upcoming birthday party. I am currently bouncing ideas for a menu and it reads so far as follow:

gazpacho soup
citrus grilled lobster salad

main course
duck breast with green olives and/or black cherries sauce
accompanied with rocket and Parmesan salad

dough softly poached in maple syrup
and served on warm hazelnuts,
covered with warm maple syrup,
and topped with a leaf of mint


  1. And you NEVER invited me to your tasty feast?? O_o

  2. Ah! Elder, if you catch a duck, I'll cook it for you. Duck breast with its fat on is absolutely wonderful. It marries well with berries sauces.

    I have been overly busy as you already know. But, who knows, we certainly can figure out some time to meet and have a feast together. It's been a while already, isn't it?