Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Deployment Utility in Numbers

Deployment User-Modifiable Script facilitates, simplifies and automates the deployment process of RPG Maker XP/VX games, in the perspective of their distribution. This is a preparation system that aims to gather miscellaneous resources related to a game, perform its assembly and deliver a final end-user installer. The process is entirely automated through a set of predefined tasks and the outcome of this automation is one or more Stand-Alone Installer(s) for Windows™. The system also allows users to define their own tasks to be inserted in the process.

Deployment User-Modifiable Script has now reached the maturity of a beta version. This is undoubtedly the most tested tool in the RPG Maker community. The best way to express the work behind the utility is to unveil some statistics about it. The statistics are generated automatically by various tools such as CLOC (Count Lines Of Code), RCov (Code Coverage), Test::Unit, and RSpec (Behaviour Driven Development). These numbers have been calculated today and on the current source code.

The Core Application

Core Application863LinesOfCode
Default Internal Messages224LinesOfCode
Default Deployment Configuration37LinesOfCode
Total 1124 LinesOfCode

Unit Tests

Core Application112Tests655Assertions1841LinesOfCode
Custom Tasks16Tests67Assertions149LinesOfCode
Internal Resource10Tests19Assertions74LinesOfCode
Hash Extension20Tests34Assertions143LinesOfCode
Kernel Extension5Tests6Assertions27LinesOfCode
Total 2288 LinesOfCode
163 Tests, 781 Assertions

Behaviour Driven Development


Grand Total 3571 LinesOfCode

Total Coverage 83.1%, Code Coverage 82.4%

Deployment User-Modifiable Script is bundled with other utilities such as L10nTool but can also be bought separately. The official release should be around August. Write us to get more information or to participate in our beta testing programme.

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