Sunday, July 26, 2009

A New Member Has Joined Forces

My software design team has the pleasure to welcome its new member and join forces to deliver high-quality products. Ksenia is from Tolyatti, Russia and will fulfill a graphic designer position within my team. She is experienced, skilled, passionate and with great enthusiasm and attitude.

Let's have a warm welcome for Ksenia...


  1. Thanks! It's one of those happy moments. :)

  2. Hope Ksenia will be thrilled about each new possibility in her life :-)

  3. Is it possible to watch Ksenia's portfolio?

    I'm pretty sure it's making everyone curious, me included! :)

  4. No, not at this moment. She has to undergo a thorough training with us. There should be something emerging to the public face of Earth in about 3-4 months time.

    You know me, it's not really my style to go around and publish things on the web that haven't been under my careful eye. Especially when my name is stamped on it. =)

  5. Not revealing your future projects is fully justifiable.

    However I presume that she has a portfolio showing her previous pieces of work, right?

    That's would be great to praise her skill :)

  6. We certainly have different manner to do things. I've been following your blog since its inception and it always been natural to see images on regular basis. It's perfectly fine if it works for you.

    I am not hiring people to praise (or otherwise) them publicly. They are part of a team and work on various projects. Their work should praise my software design firm, if anything should be praised. And this can be done properly only after a due training.

    Be patient a little bit, Elder. I am a timid blogger. :P