Friday, July 24, 2009

Personality on Paper

While my career focuses on technologies, I am constantly intrigued and interested in human kind. It should not be overseen by technologists because technologies should be for people. I'd like to collect data about your personality and I have created a survey. It should take only few minutes of your time. Anonymously or not, as you wish.


  1. Come on, People!
    Don't be timid !

    Thanks to those who filled the survey.
    We need as much data as possible.
    Truck loads of data.


  2. A survey will not help you to understand the human behavior. You could even amass erronous data (example; lazy people filling it randomly) You should join questions that require written and solid answers from each user to get a better understanding.

    Furthermore I suspect your blog isn't read by tons of people, you will need more entries to make a solid average with your data.

    Good luck!

  3. This is clearly not a replacement for a psychoanalysis. It's also not a study at research level but rather a study based on a voluntary effort, where people self evaluate and write according to their perspective. This is entirely relevant to what I am looking for.

    You're right. I might not have thousands of entries. It would still be helpful if you would take time to fill out the survey. ;)

  4. Sorry I thought it was a serious study but hey you're right for your personal fun you can probably churn out interesting results from your friends. If it can help you I highly suggest that you search for 'statistical models'. It will certainly inforce your survey with the behavior of your data and their associated probability associations. Good luck! I hope it will help you to understand the human nature!

  5. This is a serious study but with a greater error margin. Personality is a well-thought, well-studied, well-documented and researched subject. The existing studies and data serve as a guideline. The questions of this survey are actually based on serious criteria, which are constituting four basic personality groups.

    There are many factors that can spoil the data of this survey and you have named a few. From laziness up to plain old dishonesty. This is exactly what one can expect from a volunteered participation rather than through observations, investigation and multiple sessions followed by a psychologist and/or a psychoanalyst.

    Consequently, the study serves as a correlation to existing and well known data but also my own life experience and observations. The discrepancy between the results and recorded observations will definitively reveal something.

    Thank you for the suggestion about statistical models. I've also had probability and statistics classes at university. =)

    Interesting unexpected observations are already showing up. For example, there are people who never wrote to me nor on my blog, who have filled the survey. And then you take time to comment on the study but did not participate.

  6. I actually filled your survey under a different nickname I am your #1 supporter. :D I felt that some questions about my personality needed to stay private hehe.

    I was mainly trying to give you some insights with your psychological experience.

    As you said it's important to use your own life experience and observations. Surveys can be relative to many factors and they can change. A good example over two different period of time a survey can produce different results and alter the seeker's perception. Luckily you had classes at university so I don't need to explain it to me.

    Please, if this survey is going to affect your judgment about assailing the world with a nuclear warhead, please just know that we humans are good and can improve!

    P.S: is it my browser (Firefox) or we can't copy/paste within this text area?

  7. I am mostly running Firefox, though sometimes other browsers. Copy and paste in the text area seems fine here. Anyone else experiencing this? Not that I can do much about it... It's Google powered.

    Now I have to guess which one is your results! HEHE! Just kidding. It's not really important who is who. Glad to know that you have participated.

    Questions and preamble can greatly affect the person surveyed. This is one of the reasons behind having very little instructions, description, purpose, or even having plain and simple questions. You either know or you don't. Furthermore, the questions have been randomly shuffled as well, in order to avoid tainting data and minimize influence on the person surveyed.

    This survey is a good way to put things into perspective among research and documents read, my own judgement and people's own perspective of themselves.