Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Survivor Made It Through

Pavel has officially joined our forces as of today. He was awarded a long-term contract with us. His collaboration is noticeable on L10nTool and Deployment User-Modifiable Script. Furthermore, he also managed to make a small contribution to Squeak community under my mentorship. A series of exciting new projects is awaiting Pavel...

L10nTool and Deployment User-Modifiable Script are few weeks away to be released.


  1. Congratulation Pavel!

    Congratulation Ian too for the mentorship!

  2. Thank you, Elder :) I wish your challenge to succeed as well :)

  3. Elder, I have heard that you've lost your wallet during your globe trotter challenge. Hope everything is all right. Take care.

  4. Where have you heard this BackOrder??!? If there's a mole inside Blossomsoft I want to know it!


    Seriously losing my wallet didn't represent a problem, no money inside. Besides it's easy to get back official papers or cards even outside of hometown (at least in Québec). This funny situation wasn't the reason why I suspended my road trip. I will explain it on my blog in the coming weeks.

    Everything is alright overall :)

  5. This is an unexpected news in regard to your road trip. Is everything all right? I am surprised that you would suspend your globe trotter project.

    I have been all around the planet and this was a fantastic experience. Not always easy but it still brought something to my life.

    Where did you go so far? Did you get out of the province?

  6. Everything is alright! :D My project is still successful, I am earning a lot of money to satisfy myself with my new deserved freedom, and my health is superb! :D

    The reason why I'm staying around is purely 'intuitive'. There is one missing piece I must collect before rising myself toward my enhanced life!

    Only then I will be ready to start my road trip. It's going to be nice. I'm intending to travel in Europe too later.

    @Pavel: I hope you're still paying attention to road signs :)

  7. @Elder: I'm trying to do my best, thanks, although there are not much of them showing up :)

  8. According to most readings I've studied road signs appear during an important switch of life pattern or during important decisions that can affect your life. If your life is planned to be a continuity (routine) then they aren't necessary. (think of an highway, roadsigns are mostly essential when you have the possibility to turn in a different road). There are many occasions when decisions can be very hard to take even with rational thinking, therefore you have to rely on luck or paying attention to road signs every now and then if they appear to you.