Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life has been much more peaceful lately, which is a good thing. My attention is fully focused on my other on-going projects but also learning Norwegian. I spend an average of one hour a day when I learn a new language. It can be more depending on the necessity of learning the language.

I have been spending an increasing number of hours learning Norwegian. Learning sessions are organized among learning the written and spoken language.

I have acquired "Norvégien Sans Peine" (Norwegian With Ease) from Assimil. Assimil publishes many language learning books and I have bought about 10 of them throughout the years. Their method is certainly not the best if only for being overly passive but when you are used to the formulae, it comes as easy as it gets and one can learn quickly.

Internet is also a great source of learning in that respect. I have managed to watch TV series on the web, offered at no cost, such as "330 Skvadronen" and "Hellstrøm rydder opp".

There are people who believe that learning a language should be undertaken with courses, books, audio, and so many other so-called tools. Some of them pour a fortune in this! My approach? A small book + a plane ticket.

The secret is really in the effort you are willing to put in to learn...


  1. I’m glad to hear that your life is peaceful lately.

    I fully agree with this article by the way. It’s filled with a great sense of optimist and we can easily feel that a new passionate journey with great challenges is awaiting you. :)

    Five thumbs.

  2. Have a good day Ian :)

    Be you day filled with emotions, love and light :D

  3. I'm sincerely interested to hear more about this kind of on-going ventures. I really liked this entry of yours. I hope to read more soon.

    When are you leaving for your trip?