Monday, November 09, 2009

Personality on Paper (follow up)

You may remember the personality survey that I have prepared some time ago. I have written a small application to compile raw data in a meaningful manner and in such way to make it possible for me to interpret the data. The results are simply amazing.

The results are used to create a statistical model and the data itself is anonymous. Few of the participants have already been contacted among those who left their email address. It may take few more weeks to process all the data and type a summary. Those who have not participated yet, see the link below and leave your email address if you are interested to be contacted about the results.

I have deliberately left any explanations and instructions aside on the first round to study how people would approach the survey. The most recurring question is about the meaning of the numbers. The closest number to a trait means the highest value for this specific trait. There are two opposing traits per question to chose from, which means that it is either one or another, or simply none of them (e.g. 3).

Scoring three (3) is a bit problematic because it should not happen very often, but yet may happen; it means that you should reconsider your scoring each time that you score 3 on a question and make sure it is truthful. Those who scored the most 3s were either clueless about themselves or dishonest in their answers. There are also people who have scored only or mostly positive traits, which is too flattering to be true: it is a sign of dishonesty or self-deceit.

Thanks to everybody who have participated so far...

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