Sunday, December 20, 2009

Indie Game Developers Market Report

An exclusive report on RPG Maker based indie game developers will be soon available for sale. This report aims to empower companies who plan to develop supporting technologies for these indie game developers. Any company with a budget of several tenth thousands dollars for a given project will greatly benefit from this report. The report includes:
  • Indie Game Developer Profiles and Demographics
  • Potential Profit Margins and Return On Investment
  • Sales Arguments and Counter Arguments
  • Risk Assessment and Analysis
  • A Real-Life Case Study: L10nTool for RPG Maker
Take no chance and get your facts straight! No other software developer has dared to develop an RPG Maker compatible commercial product for indie game developers. My experience can serve you well. Contact me if you are interested to purchase this upcoming report.


  1. Is your sale report affordable? I must say, that discussion you had with Elder about L10n wasn’t very convincing. You should remove those posts as it doesn’t look very professional for someone in your stature. I’m an avid reader on this blog, (even thought I don't ever post)and I’m trying my best to have a neutral viewpoint.

    I’m mainly interested to see if it's possible for you to post a preview of your report? How many pages does it have? Do we have some guarantee that your report is based on factual statistics?

  2. Hello Daniel,

    IGD Market Report is affordable for any small company. It may however come as a tad expensive for someone who just wants to peek around. The data in this report is factual and up-to-date. It is exactly the data used internally, which is usually kept under great secrecy.

    A preview is difficult to consider due to the report's highly confidential nature. Nevertheless, I would consider your suggestions for a preview and prepare an excerpt provided that those suggestions are realistic.

    This blog is a journey in my professional life as a software designer, including the human side of it. Being professional does not mean ignoring and deleting the negative comments. I will however no longer tolerate discussions that is an attempt to bring my personal life (and/or confidential matter) forward on the Internet. It is considered to be rude and those messages will be systematically deleted.


  3. I am trying to find a document hosting website that will allow to resell this report within reasonable terms. Any suggestions?

    Scribd store is limited to U.S. customers only and they ask a huge commission. It would increase the price of this report too much.