Thursday, January 28, 2010

Humintell Facebook Group

Humintell, a company specialized in understanding emotions and offering training to read microexpressions and subtle expressions, featuring Dr. David Matsumoto, has decided to give away few licenses of their products to facebook users registering to their facebook group.

I cannot vouch for their current products at the moment since I haven't tried any of them but it seems to circumvent the main points I criticized from the former microexpressions training application (METT 1). Memory can easily kick in rather than reading expressions when training with METT 1. Note that SETT 1 has no such problem since they use the same model (Eva Ekman, daughter of Dr. Paul Ekman).

Update Read Humintell MiX 2 Product Review, Humintell Additional Training Product Review and many other articles about Humintell are available on this blog.


  1. Hello- My understanding is that Dr. EKman is the sole author and copyright holder of the METT training- the Humintell training appears to be a direct copy of Dr. EKman's METT advanced training- it is certainly using all of the Images that Ekman's company paid for, and that Dr. Ekman worked with the Actors to ensure exact replication of the emotions. This is what makes the training invaluable-as it has been designed and managed by Dr. EKman - then researched for validity purposes. It is not purely heading out and taking as many photo's of emotions from different people as one can . I would rather train with something that has been validated properly.

  2. I agree with you. It's capital to train with proper material. However, Wikipedia has an article which stipulates that METT 1 has been a joint development, including Dr. Paul Ekman, Dr. David Matsumoto, and Mark Frank.

    "Doctors Paul Ekman, David Matsumoto and Mark Frank created the Microexpression Training Tool (METT 1), the first training tool developed to improve one's ability to read microexpressions. Ekman and Matsumoto then created a proceeding version of the training tool, METT2."

    My understanding is that Humintell has poured additional development time on their softwares and included a larger selection of photos/material.

    Dr. Matsumoto has collaborated on multiple research projects with Dr. Paul Ekman. He is also eager to interact with people on his blog, which is delightful. It doesn't hurt looking around.

  3. Thanks for clarifying Ian.

    Yes, the METT 1 was co-created by Drs. Matsumoto, Ekman and Frank and the METT 2 was co-created by Dr. Matsumoto and Dr. Ekman. They share in the ownership of the training and images. Many people have the misconception that METT was created soley by Dr. Ekman, which just isn't true. Credit should be given accordingly.

    Also, I'd like to note that Dr. Matsumoto has done decades of research in the areas of facial expressions, nonverbal behavior, emotion and culture. He is regarded as one of the leading researchers in these fields. You can find a comprehensive list of his books, journal articles and book chapters on his website,