Saturday, January 09, 2010

On The Road All Day Long

I have acquired a new laptop few days ago to fulfil my ever growing needs on the road. This comes at a nice moment since I plan to visit Norway during 2010, and possibly work over there. Most computers I have ever acquired were business minded or server alike. Not the coolest computers around but the stronger, powerful, lasting and quality computers. This time, it is slightly different.

My mind was set on a HP Pavilion dv7, an ergonomic and entertainment oriented laptop. The specifications is what brought me to acquire it. This comes with a quad core (supporting 8 threads), 2x500 GB (7200 RPM) harddrives, 6 GB RAM, 17.3" HD Widescreen, and it goes on and on.

This is a very unusual choice to me since I usually avoid entertainment oriented computer gears. I am however pleased by the performances. It makes me feel that I will be able to run all in-house intensive softwares without a hitch. Some of them do require intensive parallel processing. The gloomy, lights and ergonomics are just a bit weird to me, but I am sure that I'll get used to it.

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