Friday, January 01, 2010

Peeling a New Skin

A new year has begun and a new look has come. This article unveils on-going and future plans for 2010 on my blog. Read a short word about the new look, a summary of my plans and upcoming topics, and my view and rules for criticism on my blog.

New Look-And-Feel
Changing the template on my blog was long overdue. I've had however many concerns about changing it. My primary interest is to deliver quality articles and spending time developing a new template was not appealing to me. I have decided to search on and look at a hundred samples or so.
  • Clean and simple
  • Larger width for the text in articles
  • Modifications are not necessary, or very little
  • Formatting that would not disrupt previous articles
  • Acceptable in both windowed and full screen modes
  • Et cætera
There were some good samples and some not so good. The best good looking were unfortunately not the most suitable. Less than five were actually suitable to this blog. The current template is a modified version of “Básico 2” by Templates Novo Blogger. Thanks to Ariane Naranjo for her work.

The Future Is At Our Door
My objective for 2010 is to have an average of four (4) articles per month. This allows me to deal with time restrictions without compromising on quality. I value quality over quantity. This blog is a journey in my professional life as a software designer, every facet of it. The following list contains topics that are relevant in my professional life. The relationship may not be obvious for the very diversified nature of the topics but it will be clarified throughout the year. There is so much to say on each and every topic and 48 articles is definitively not enough. It should nevertheless be interesting to read and eventually spark constructive discussions.

Upcoming Articles (topics)
  • Software Design and Business
  • Psychology and Philosophy
  • Non-verbal Communication
  • Statement Analysis
  • Detecting Deception
  • More on RPG Maker
  • My experience in Russia
I welcome constructive criticism on my blog, including critics that are contrary to my own expertise, experience and/or opinions. Constructive criticism is a form of criticism where a personal or professional opinion is elaborated and supported by facts, evidences, and/or references.

Contact me directly upon any personal, professional or business conflict. I am straightforward in conflict resolutions however how difficult it can be. Washing dirty linen in public is unequivocally unacceptable in our society, except, perhaps, for public figures such as politicians and movie stars. Any attempt to bring forth my personal life and/or confidential matter on Internet will not be tolerated. Coarse language will not be tolerated.


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  2. Comment system seems to be fine now. Rock on.