Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Visitors from Outer Space

This blog has a latent popularity, if one could write so. The topic related to RPG Maker and alike is the most attractive to my visitors. The largest part of visitors use MacOS X. My documents available online have been read over a thousand times! The number one blog post is undoubtedly and incontestably “To See Is To Believe.” It seems people do enjoy drama — how else would reality shows be so successful?

I have always been responsive to the RPG Maker community and it's difficult to understand the reasons why some people hang out on my blog on a regular basis without writing a single thing. Your feedback would be appreciated.

Other topics are growing in popularity at a fast pace. I will continue to work on blog posts according to my initial plan as written in Peeling a New Skin. This is no empty promises: it is on track so far.

I am not interested to increase my readership on the basis of shallow topics and sensationalism. Drama has no place on this blog. Unfortunately, I cannot retrieve the messages in “To See Is To Believe” at this time. Moderation will remain on as long as necessary.

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