Sunday, April 25, 2010

The History of Squeak in Pictures

Squeak 4.1 is the latest version available

Squeak 1.1: Early days of Squeak

Squeak 2.6: Some visual changes are visible

Squeak 3.0: Morphic took over MVC

Squeak 3.9: Squeak slowly drops its childish look


  1. I'd not attribute "childish" to the look. "Playful" or "colourful" have less of a negative connotation, right? :-)

  2. The long standing educational purpose of Squeak, which targeted children, has certainly affected the look-and-feel. Etoys has been overly influential in this respect but most likely at the expense of Squeak developers' needs.

    I believe “childish” is a better term when considering Squeak developers rather than children. Yes, it is negative. But, hey, would a commercial airline pilot enjoy his measurement tools if those had a playful look?

  3. A side note for the requirements sheet. We could come up with some catchy phrase to go along these screenshots, something like: "Look For Yourself, We Need Your Help!"