Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Accepting Donations

My family of products for RPG Maker XP and VX is an ambitious and challenging commercial venture. L10nTool + Deployment Utility were both available for sales but the price coming along was out of reach for most indie developers. Unfortunately, it was and is still not possible to offer lower prices considering the costs of development and subsequent maintenance.

This is why your donations will make a difference because it will allow continuous development of my family of products for RPG Maker XP and VX and eventually lowering its prices. Donations will also bring more RPG Maker related articles, programming tips and tutorials, and other goodies.

RPG Maker Compatible Products:
  • L10nTool, a Game Localization Utility (see brochure, video)
  • Deployment User-Modifiable Script
  • RGSS Player for MacOS X (see brochure)
  • Software Development Kit for RPG Maker
  • Script Manager
See tags below for more information on these products.

Will any of these software be open source?
The softwares with lower development and maintenance costs could eventually be available with an open source license provided there are sufficient donations. This includes Script Manager and Deployment User-Modifiable Script. They would be released under Apache 2.0 license.

How about Non-Commercial Indie Developers?
They will be able to benefit from some, if not all, softwares at absolutely no cost. An infrastructure will be put in place to support the community and give the love back. :)

How to Donate?
See the donation box on the right of this page. Enter a donation amount, click on Donate! and follow the instructions.


  1. I have added support to accept donations as suggested by some readers in RGSS Player for MacOS X.

    Does anyone would be kind enough to send a dollar for testing purpose? I need to know whether the system works properly or not, how easy (or not) it is, and if it accepts credit cards(and other options).


  2. Money Bookers is a little difficult to use since you are required to have an account and have to then put money into the account via credit card or bank transfer. On the other hand the PayPal donation button is a piece of cake.

  3. Thanks, Cobra!

    The transfer via PayPal did work. I will check if it's possible to have a faster check-in with Moneybookers because they have lower fees and higher limits. The $1.00 CDN became $0.66 via PayPal.

    I appreciate your devoted and long-standing support. You continuously spread the word about RGSS Player for MacOS X. I will work one hour on this project next week on the behalf of your donation and as a token of appreciation for your support.


  4. Whatever happened to this? The OSX Player would be amazing...