Friday, August 27, 2010

An Emporium of Visual Delights

Michael Please has created an appealing one-minute overview video of his entire work. His work is a bit reminiscent of, or at least reminds me of, Soviet step-motion animation such as Ёжик в тумане and Чебурушка. The attention to detail is absolutely amazing.

Paranoia can lead a person only so far...
...but I do know the difference between reality and fiction!

There is another animation created by Tiny Inventions that is particularly amusing. Something left, something taken is a story about a couple visiting a friend in San Fransisco. The man has a casual interest in forensic science and he finds himself in a situation where he believes his girlfriend and himself are in danger. Or not. The segment about microexpressions is absolutely hilarious!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Adding Slovak and Czech Characters

Learning a new keyboard layout is relatively easy. Easier than what most people may feel about it. The important question is in why learning a new keyboard layout on a language that extends the Latin alphabet? Instead, I have added support for Slovak and Czech alphabets on my existing keyboard layout — which already supports several other languages.

Microsoft offers a small .NET utility named Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (MKLC) allowing us to create new keyboard layouts on the fly using a visual editor. An installer is created from a successful keyboard layout of your own. The only shortcoming comes when one has to update an existing keyboard layout because it requires to uninstall, reboot and install the new version.

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Friday, August 06, 2010

Humintell Upcoming Products

Humintell are working hard on what is to become new products: MiX Professional, MiX Elite, New Instructional Videos and Cross-Cultural Adaptation Course. Read more information on these upcoming products.

The most interesting point on these products is that they have listened to customer feedback. Many features I have suggested in my product reviews have been integrated. The following is a list of features that I have suggested and they have confirmed these are implemented in their upcoming products:
  • New and updated videos:
    • FACS scores
    • Associated nonverbal behaviours
    • Evolutionary vestige of the emotion.
    • All in frontal, profile and 3/4th views.
  • An entire new selection of images to train with.
Humintell are competitive in term of pricing in their market but they are becoming the leader by offering valuable additional features. They keep the pulse on what the market needs and the demands of their customers. This is exactly what we need, as consumers and customers. More information on availability will come soon.

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