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Product Reviews Summary

In-depth product reviews are great for the detailed writing but it is not always friendly for busy people who want quick answers. This summary gives you the quick answers you ought for on products that I have reviewed — published and unpublished — and provides a list of upcoming reviews. My scale is defined as followed: strongly not recommended, not recommended, recommended and highly recommended.

Advanced Interviewing Concepts
Advanced Interviewing Concepts (AIC) is offering product, training and books specialized in statement analysis. AIC is lead by a retired U.S. Marshal, Mark McClish.

Statement Analyzer
Statement Analyzer is a Windows compatible software analyzing statements in the perspective to determine their truthfulness. It comes with all the basic features such as load, save, edit and print statements. Available on CD-ROM and last updated in 2010.

I recommend this software for novices considering its low price but otherwise I do not recommend. The quality of the content is good but limited and the software does not allow keywords management. Keyword management is nonetheless possible using a third party open source software. A course in statement analysis is more beneficial.

Pros: quality content, good investigative tool, excellent customer support, affordable
Cons: no keyword management, no natural language processing, user interface and usability issues, limited dictionary, outdated technology

Price: $35.00 US

Read Statement Analyzer product page.

Read Mark McClish's Statement Analyzer in-depth product review.

Read Keyword Management in Statement Analyzer tutorial.

Statement Analysis Online Training Upcoming review
This online training is a complete course on statement analysis teaching the techniques used to evaluate truthfulness based on statements. It comes with a workbook and a certificate upon completion. The training has a 90-days limit but an extension is possible.

Price: $150.00 US

Humintell offers the largest selection of online training on the market. The training available includes macro, micro and subtle expressions, cross-cultural adaptation, truthfulness evaluation and dangerous demeanour detection. Their training comes with the widest variety of ethnic groups compared to its competitors. All online training are sold as a one-year subscription. Humintell is lead by psychologist Dr. David Matsumoto.

Additional Training (AT) (Add-Ons)
Additional Training are add-ons to existing products such as MiX 2 and SubX. They are essentially additional photos to practice with. An add-on for MiX 2 means that its additional photos are micro-expressions whereas an add-on for SubX means that its additional photos are subtle expressions. The speed at which expressions are displayed is configurable.

I highly recommend MiX 2 AT and SubX AT because they provide an excellent additional practice. MiX 2 AT comes with 84 profile photos to practice with whereas SubX AT comes with 70. These products distinguish themselves from the Humintell product line by offering a lower price than its other products.

Pros: excellent price, many photos, configurable speed
Cons: MiX 2 is required for MiX 2 AT, SubX is required for SubX AT, no test, no proficiency result, no instructional videos

Price: $12.00 US (MiX 2 AT)
Price: $10.00 US (SubX AT)

Read MiX 2 Additional Training Product page.

Read SubX Additional Training Product page.

Read Humintell Additional Training in-depth product review. 

Dangerous Demeanor Detection (D3) Upcoming review
Dangerous Demeanor Detection (D3) offers an online training to identify signals of deadly intent from facial expressions. This product is mainly aimed toward people whom might face dangerous situations in their daily professional lives, such as law enforcement officers, security personnel, health professionals and so forth.

I strongly do not recommend Dangerous Demeanor Detection. The promising product has an amazing content but it was crippled with an unusable user interface and issues affecting the content. Humintell gracefully retired D3 after I reported those issues but before I could publish my review — the ultimate sacrifice in the name of quality.

A new version has been announced roughly a year after its retirement. I will review this new version and compare it with the previous one.

Evaluating Truthfulness
Evaluating Truthfulness is a two-hours webinar introducing detecting deception. The host talks and walks through a slideshow and videos on various skills required to detect deception. The content includes scientifically proven non-verbal behaviour associated with truthfulness and deception. 

I highly recommend Evaluating Truthfulness because it summarizes in a comprehensive and coherent manner what would otherwise take years to learn through experience, research, reading and so forth. It would be flawless if only there would be a complete interaction with its audience.

Pros: excellent price, quality and up-to-date content, knowledgeable lecturer, two hours lecture
Cons: no interviewing techniques and tips, lack of references, lack of interaction

Price: $99.00 US (Recording)

Read Evaluating Truthfulness Product page.

Read Humintell Evaluating Truthfulness in-depth product review.

IntelliCulture is a set of four (4) modules cross-cultural adaptation course suited for anyone who has to deal with more than one culture in their personal and professional lives. This course comes with a final exam for those who purchase all modules. Years of research conducted by Dr. David Matsumoto resulted in this online course.

Price: $249.00 US

Read IntelliCulture Product page.

Nonverbal Communications: Science and Applications UPCOMING REVIEW
This book combines state-of-the-art research in non-verbal communication and its practical applications. The part one covers the science behind non-verbal communication — such as reading body language and gestures, faces, voice, etc. — whereas part two provides application in ten (10) different contexts. This book has been written by known psychologists in the field: Dr. David Matsumoto, Dr. Mark Frank and Dr. Hyi-Sung Hwang.

Price: $31.26 US

MiX Original
MiX Original is a basic online training to learn to detect micro-expressions and is aimed toward beginners and available at an affordable price. It comes with 16 instructional videos covering the universal emotions, 42 frontal view practice photos and a certificate of completion. The speed at which expressions are displayed is configurable.

I recommend MiX Original because it has superseded METT in many ways with a better practice and higher resolution photos. Shall you however consider that MiX Pro, which I highly recommend, is available for an additional $10.00 US.

Pros: good quality, good price, configurable speed
Cons: frontal view photos only

Price: $59.00 US

Read MiX Original Product page.

MiX 2
MiX 2 offers further practice to detect micro-expressions over its predecessor MiX Original. It comes with 16 instructional videos covering the universal emotions, 42 practice photos and a certificate of completion. The practice photos are available in frontal, profile and 3/4th views. The speed at which expressions are displayed is configurable.

I recommend MiX 2 because it provides an excellent practice with a configurable speed. MiX 2 + MiX 2 AT provides an extensive training with its total of 126 photos at the price of MiX Elite. MiX Pro provides better and more complete information when understanding is more important for you than practice. MiX Elite is however a better investment because it provides more content, including from MiX Pro, and equally valuable practice unless you are looking for a product with configurable speed for which MiX 2 would be your choice. 

Pros: quality content, excellent offer, multiple view photos, configurable speed
Cons: slightly overpriced, no stand-alone application

Price: $79.00 US

Also available MiX 2 + MiX 2 AT at $89.00 US — $2.00 US discount.

Read MiX 2 Product page.

Read Humintell MiX 2 in-depth product review.

MiX Lite
MiX Lite is an abbreviated version of the MiX product line that is aimed toward beginners who desire to learn how to detect micro-expressions and is available at low cost. It comes with 7 instructional videos covering the universal emotions, 14 practice photos and a certificate of completion. The speed at which expressions are displayed is configurable.

I do not recommend MiX Lite because it has a poor value for money. The limited number of photos and the price do not come together and seriously limits the usefulness of this product. The configurable speed does not salvage MiX Lite. You might want to break your bank to get another MiX product that will make your hard earned money worthwhile.

MiX Lite and METT are available at the lowest price when it comes to micro-expressions training products. MiX Lite offers better quality photos but METT has more photos available.

Pros: low price, configurable speed
Cons: limited photos, poor value for money

Price: $29.00 US

Read MiX Lite Product page.

MiX Pro
MiX Pro offers an advanced micro-expression training and additional valuable information such as universal triggers and function of emotions, associated non-verbal behaviour and FACS codes. It comes with 7 instructional videos and 56 frontal view practice photos. The speed at which expressions are displayed is set at 1/10th of a second.

I recommend MiX Pro because it offers an exclusive content that brings forth valuable information at a fair price. It is however at the expense of the practice for which MiX 2 offers a better practice considering that you only get frontal view photos in MiX Pro.

Pros: quality content, unique and exclusive content, fair price
Cons: frontal view only, neglected practice, speed limit, no stand-alone application

Price: $69.00 US

Read MiX Pro Product page.

Read Humintell's MiX Pro in-depth product review.

MiX Elite
MiX Elite is by all means the top-of-the-line micro-expression training product. It comes with additional valuable information such as universal triggers and function of emotions, associated non-verbal behaviour and FACS codes. There are nearly 50 instructional and review videos that are available in frontal, profile and 3/4th views. The practice section offers 56 photos in all three views. The speed at which expressions are displayed is set at 1/16th of a second.

I highly recommend this product because it is the best offer on the market. The practice is shorter than what you get in MiX Pro considering the same number of photos in both products but MiX Elite is however better balanced by providing balanced set of frontal, profile and 3/4th photos. The price difference with other products such as MiX Pro and MiX 2 is negligible and perhaps an excellent argument to go for MiX Elite. This product shows a great maturity compared to its predecessors and competing products.

Pros: frontal, profile and 3/4th views, quality content, best offer on the market
Cons: neglected practice, no overall statistics, no stand-alone application

Price: $89.00 US

Read MiX Elite Product page.

Read Humintell MiX Elite in-depth product review.

MiX 3 (Add-On)
MiX 3 offers a profile view micro-expression training as an additional training to MiX 2 but also available as a stand-alone training. It comes with the same 16 instructional videos from MiX 2, a practice section composed of 42 profile photos and a certificate of completion. The speed at which expressions are displayed is configurable.

I recommend MiX 3 because it provides an extensive profile view practice but it is perhaps best suited to those who have extra money and the desire to practice profile view some more. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is greater considering that it is best to buy MiX 2 first (or a comparable product) and possibly not as useful in your daily life as a stand-alone training considering that it is profile view only.

Pros: many profile photos, quality content, configurable speed
Cons: profile view photos only, costly as an add-on

Price: $49.00 US

Read MiX 3 Product page.

SubX Lite, Novice, Pro, Elite
SubX offers an online training to learn how to detect subtle expressions displayed as macro- and micro-expressions depending on the edition. SubX was divided into multiple editions as a marketing strategy but only after I reviewed it. The current product that is the closest to what I reviewed is SubX Pro and/or SubX Elite. The speed at which expressions are displayed was configurable but it might not hold true for the new editions.

I recommend SubX Pro and Elite but Paul Ekman International's SETT is a better and less expensive alternative. SubX offers diversity of subjects but less intensities in the subtle expressions than SETT. Each edition has a specific speed limit — SubX Lite at 1/5th of a second, SubX Novice at 1/2th of a second, SubX Pro at 1/5th of a second and SubX Elite at 1/10th of a second. It also offers genuine photos whereas SETT has large size photoshopped photos.

I do not recommend SubX Lite because 5 instructional videos and 10 photos at its price is expensive with extremely limited benefits. Learning to recognize subtle expressions are in many ways harder to do than micro-expressions because it requires the ability to see subtle changes that can only be understood with a lot more than 10 photos. There are 5 intensities each muscles (and emotions) can be defined according to FACS, which means at least 35 photos are necessary to express the seven universal emotions — variations not included.

Pros: genuine photos, diversity of subjects
Cons: lack of intensities, speed limit per edition, small size photos, confusing product marketing

Price: $89.00 US (SubX Pro)

Also available SubX Lite ($29.00 US), SubX Novice ($79.00), SubX Elite ($99.00 US).

Read SubX Product List page.

Product Chart Comparison
Humintell offers a product chart comparing all products in their product line on their website.

Read MiX Product Chart Comparison page.

Read SubX Product Frequently Asked Questions page.

New Vision
New Vision offers the only video based micro-expression online training in the market. New Vision is lead by Patryk and Kasia Wezowski.

Micro Expressions Training Videos (METV)
Micro Expressions Training Videos offers a complete online training based on videos rather than photos. This training is focused on micro-expressions but also contains macro, subtle, blended and concealed emotions. There are over 283 videos for an exhaustive training and new videos come up every now and then.

I recommend Micro Expressions Training Videos because it offers an exhaustive training for a good price. The onset and offset of each expression are visible in videos giving this training a definite edge over their competitors. There are slow, normal and fast videos to practice with. Most videos accurately depict their given emotions but some videos are fake, asymmetrical and/or erroneous.

Pros: value for money, visible onset and offset, large number of videos, updated frequently, good customer and technical support
Cons: quality assurance needs tuning, no full-screen or HD videos, no stand-alone application

Price: €89.00 or $109.00 US

Also available Trainer (€289.00 or $355.00 US) and Company (€989.00 or $1216.00 US) subscriptions.

Read Micro Expressions Training Videos Product page.

Read Micro Expressions Training Videos Product Pricing and Comparison page.

Read Micro Expressions Training Videos in-depth product review.

Paul Ekman International
Paul Ekman International (PEI) is world renowned and most reputable. The research conducted by Dr. Paul Ekman has been immortalized in the american TV series Lie to me. Their online training focuses on micro and subtle expressions whereas they also offer a series of training courses to attend to in person. F.A.C.E Training stands for Facial Expression. Awareness. Compassion. Emotions.

Micro Expression Training Tool (METT)
Micro Expression Training Tool is the very first commercially available software of its kind. METT is a photo based product covering the seven universal emotions — happiness, anger, surprise, disgust, sadness, fear and contempt — and provides a training for these emotions as micro-expressions. It was developed jointly with Dr. Paul Ekman, Dr. David Matsumoto and Dr. Mark Frank.

I do not recommend METT because it has since been superseded by METT Advanced and MiX 2. The low price does not overcome its shortcomings. It was available as a software* for Windows but is now sold as an online training.

METT and MiX Lite are available at the lowest price when it comes to micro-expressions training products. METT has more photos available but MiX Lite offers better quality photos.

Pros: —
Cons: low resolution photos, outdated, *old and slow technology

Price: $20.00 US

Read Micro Expression Training Tool Product page.

Micro Expression Training Tool Advanced (METT Advanced) UPCOMING REVIEW
Micro Expression Training Tool Advance offers more practice and training photos than its original version. A certificate of completion is issued upon successful completion according to your proficiency.

Subtle Expression Training Tool (SETT)
Subtle Expression Training Tool is the very first commercially available software of its kind. It offers a training to learn how to detect subtle expressions. It covers the seven universal emotions, various intensities and some variations.

I highly recommend SETT because it offers the largest range of emotional intensities, large size perfectly centered photos and the highest practice value over time. Unfortunately, it came at a cost since all photos are photoshopped. Avoiding fake photos is generally a good idea but the lack of options in the market makes it difficult to go for the alternative that has less intensities and its practice value drastically decrease over time. It was available as a software* for Windows but is now sold as an online training.

Pros: large range of emotional intensities and variety, configurable speed, excellent value over time
Cons: heavily photoshopped, *old and slow technology

Price: $39.00 US

SDL offers offline and online training for micro-expressions, body language and detecting deception. SDL is lead by Stu Dunn.

Micro Expressions, Body Language & Detecting Deception 101 Online Program OngoiNG REVIEW
SDL's 101 Online Program offers a complete interactive course to learn facial expressions, body languages and gestures and detecting deception. It includes 8 modules available in PDF format that covers the basics, examples and exercises. Stu Dunn provides a one-on-one experience where he assists you during your progress and correct your exercises with a commentary.

Price: $149.00 US
Price: $199.00 US (Including METT)

TheirWords is offering offline and online software and training specialized in statement analysis. F.A.S.T. stands for Forensic Analysis Software for TheirWords. TheirWords is lead by Donald Bender.

F.A.S.T. Macro Software
F.A.S.T. Macro Software is a set of Microsoft Word macro performing statement analysis. It is colour-coding and marking up statements that are to be further assessed. The development of their new version is currently stalled.

Price: $145.00 US

Also available Statement Analysis Scoring Form and Credibility Coding Instrument ($135.00 US).

Read F.A.S.T. Macro Software page.

F.A.S.T. Macro Online is essentially the same as F.A.S.T. Macro Software but available online. This product is currently in development.

Price: N/A

Linguistic Forensic Analysis
Linguistic Forensic Analysis online training provides a complete course on statement analysis including an e-book, assignments and one-on-one personal training through email. A certificate of completion is issued upon successful completion.

Price: $195.00 US

Also available Advanced Course ($375.00 US), Expert Course ($375.00 US) and Master Practitioner Certification ($525.00 US).

Read Linguistic Forensic Analysis Online Training page.

VeriScript International
VeriScript International offers an online course on forensic handwriting analysis. An alternate website is available on VeriScript Analysis. VeriScript International is lead by Michael Weitzman.

Online Course in Graphonomy Unscheduled REVIEW
This three levels online course on forensic handwriting analysis is focused on personality assessment and fraud detection.

Price: $495.00 US (All three levels)

Read Online Course in Graphonomy Product (cache) page.

Read Level I Overview (cache), Level II Overview (cache) and Level III Overview (cache) pages.


  1. I highly recommend the VeriScript International online course because it is easy to learn and successfully apply the techniques, and the content is very interesting. Their techniques are surprisingly accurate and will be of great use for business and investigative professions. It is also impossible to change your handwriting to effect the success of the VeriScript techniques as I had tried doing myself and ended up frustrated.

    Fairly priced too.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    I have decided against publishing your comment because: 1) an anonymous recommendation is meaningless for its lack of commitment and 2) evidence seems to point that you are directly affiliated to VeriScript Intl.

    You can contact me if you are willing to shed some light over this. My email is available at the top right box.

    Best regards,

  3. I verified the authenticity of the anonymous poster, who took the time to answer my questions over the phone. The most interesting was how the poster benefits from VeriScript and I hope he/she will share this publicly.