Mysterious Creature
The life of a cute and mysterious living creature, also known as Mysterious Creature, is a journey in my professional life and includes every facet of it. The wide variety of topics are among the ones I need to be successful in business, business relationships and software design. Topics include:
  • Software Design and Business
  • Psychology and Philosophy
  • Non-verbal Communication
  • Detecting Deception
  • Statement Analysis
Read my announcement “Peeling A New Skin” for more information.

Products for RPG Maker
     • L10nTool (show/hide)
     • Deployment User-Modifiable Script (show/hide)
     • RGSS Player for MacOS X (show/hide)
     • Software Development Kit (show/hide)
     • Script Manager (show/hide)

An XML Editor in Squeak Smalltalk
This project is a series of articles aimed to teach programmers how to build an XML editor in Squeak Smalltalk.

Squeak Installer
This project aims to deliver Squeak that works right-out-of-the-box on Windows machines by generating an installer with every mandatory piece to make Squeak work (virtual machine, source file, image file, etc). Squeak installer is developed using Unicode NSIS.

Read the announcement for more information.

Squeak Community Contribution Survey
This survey aims to understand what are the individual and/or perceived hurdles to contribution to Squeak Smalltalk within Squeak Community. The survey has been sent through the Squeak-Dev mailing list since it is the main communication medium in the community. A complete report is currently being written and will be announced on my blog whenever it is ready.

Read the survey for more information.

Ruby Onion
Onion, or Array Onion, allows peeling an array like an onion. It shreds one layer after another, from the outer inwards the inner nested array, according to the given depth. Infinite depth (or greater than current nested array depth) is equivalent to Array#flatten.

The Onion project is hosted on Rubyforge: Read Onion for more information.

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